Bonnie B Bakery on Slauson



I just discovered this delightful bakery a couple of weeks ago and I highly recommend it!

Check out this review on LA Eater:



It's the realization of Bonnie Tann's lifelong dream.

It's always endearing to see someone finally fulfill a lifelong dream. Such is the case with Bonnie Tann, a retired nurse who recently attended culinary school and just yesterday softly opened her eponymous bakery, Bonnie B.

The South LA eatery bakes artisan breads and a variety of croissants, but the specialty is Bonnie's signature lemon twist cake, a baked lemon cake that receives a crispy coating of glaze to resemble a doughnut.

Bonnie intends for her bakery to be a sort of one-stop shop for baked goods. With a smattering of lunch offerings like chicken pot pies and sandwiches, plus that serious custom cake program, Bonnie B should be the place for a quick savory or sweet treat.

Bonnie B Bakery
4442 W Slauson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90043



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