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The information provided in the links below should be helpful in finding ways to reduce the negative issues & concerns you may be having with wildlife in the City of Los Angeles. California is wildlife habitat and there will always see a variety of urban mammals & birds here, Please utilize the the links provided to make those sightings a more positive experience and remember that education is key to resolving the vast majority of human & wildlife issues.


Official City of Los Angeles Animal Services Wildlife Program Page


The links below to the Wildlife Facebook Page provides more detailed information on Wildlife Issues, How to make a report, Encounters with Wildlife, Deterrents, Aversion Tactics, Property Alteration to reduce attraction sources:  


Wildlife Program Information on Facebook 


Wildlife deterrent item checklist & Property Safety around Wildlife


Encounters with Coyotes 


Encounters with Raccoons


Encounters with Trapping Wildlife, Is it Really Necessary?



The Department of Animal Services does not support nor endorse any specific product or equipment recommendations, nor support or endorse companies that produce products that scare, deter or exclude wildlife. Any brochures, pamphlets, flyer's or email links that are sent or supplied to you are meant to help with ideas you may find useful. Should you decide to purchase any products or services from any source and that product or service should fail to support the claims of the manufacturer or business, The Department of Animal Services cannot be held responsible for that product, claim or service. Please report any broken or dead links. Thank you



City of Los Angeles Animal Services Wildlife Program

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