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The purpose of the BHE HOA is to have the ability to:

  • Provide a safer community

  • Adding value/services (i.e. security cameras, ADT patrol, etc)

  • Speaking with one voice when addressing city and community leaders

  • Operating as one larger entity

  • Keeping home values at optimal levels

  • Help maintain community integrity

  • Ensuring public services are rendered


Below are some projects that will affect our neighborhood. Please attend a BHE HOA general meeting for the latest updates!

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall Transformation

The draft environmental impact report (DEIR) for the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall transformation plan is now available. Review the DEIR hereVisit for the project website. 


Crenshaw to LAX Transit Corridor

Stay up to date on the project, review maps, street closures, and the Eat, Shop Play Crenshaw campaign hereRead Metro's transportation news blog, "The Source" for other news and updates.


Have you completed your claim for Homeowners Property Tax Exemption?

Click the PDF icon below to access the form.

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