From the office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

The office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has been working closely with the Community Development Commission to address constituents concerns regarding the condition of the existing businesses on Slauson Avenue between Angeles Vista and LaBrea.

The first phase of the Community Business Revitalization Project (CBR) encompassed facade improvements to businesses on the north side of Slauson Avenue between Angeles Vista and Overhill. Improvements included window replacement, signage, painting, light fixture replacement and etcetera. Also, facade improvements were recently completed at the Wiley Center for Education located at 4560 West Slauson Avenue.

The second phase of the CBR project will begin this summer as businesses located at 4423 – 4437 West Slauson Avenue (includes Puerto Nuevo Restaurant) will undergo facade improvements. Plans are currently being reviewed for the businesses located at 4423 – 4437 West Slauson Avenue (includes the “arcade”) and it is anticipated that improvements at this location will begin sometime later this year.

The third phase of the project will include much needed improvements to the Windsor Hills Shopping Center parking lot.

The last holdout for the CBR project, 4455 West Slauson (Sachi’s Restaurant) has recently expressed an interest in participating in the CBR project.

The businesses located at 4401 -441 West Slauson (includes the Budget Storage property) are located in the City of Los Angeles. The City will be making facade improvements through LANI (Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative) The target completion date for this project is March 2016.

The Slauson street scape project is scheduled to begin in early 2016. The project scope is from Angeles Vista Avenue to LaBrea Avenue. Improvements include pavement and concrete work, median and landscaping improvements, new signage and etcetera.

Overhill between Slauson Avenue and 5-Points will undergo changes in 2017. A pedestrian path and bike lane will be constructed on the east side of Overhill Drive. The will provide connectivity to the future Park to Playa trail project.

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