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From its location atop a natural hilltop in the historic Baldwin Hills, the Baldwin Hills Estates community offers breathtaking vistas of the Los Angles basin. On a clear day, it is possible to see the ocean, the Hollywood Sign, the downtown skyline and LAX simply by turning in a circle. 

Here on our gallery page, we will feature some of the spectacular views residents and visitors enjoy. Also, use the links above to check out photos and videos of community events, as well as the standout beauty of the community's gardens and homes.



There are lots of events going on in the community every month, from Block Parties to HOA General Meetings. Luckily there is usually a camera there to document the fun.

View our photo streams on Flickr here and here.

If you would like to submit your own photos of an neighborhood event, contact Stephen Grey.

Don Diego Event.jpg
Don Diego Neighbor Event 2021




Turf Terminators will replace your lawn with a California Friendly landscape that conserves water and reduces your annual water and lawn maintenance costs. Turf Terminators will perform 100% of the work necessary to replace your lawn with a California Friendly landscape, ALL FOR FREE.

My lawn before and after.

When they purchased this home, a concrete patio and a birdbath dominated the rear garden. Although the concrete has since been replaced with pavers, Peter thinks the birdbath remains beneath the current foliage.  The dining and lounging areas are set over the pavers that also wind through the yard.

Future plans for the garden include swapping out some of the older plants, adding a new fruit tree, and continued enjoyment of their organic vegetable garden. 

When asked for gardening tips, Peter said, “Don’t micromanage the garden.  Let it go a little and watch what happens.”

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